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[intro] PREP[/intro]

EMOM 9, alternating:
a) 10 Single Arm Z Press, left arm, light and controlled (demo)
b) 10 Single Arm Z Press, right arm, light and controlled
c) Row 15 Strokes (5 Legs Only, 5 Legs + Body, 5 Full Stroke)


[intro] STRENGTH[/intro]

Strict Pull-Up Work
2 x 1 Reps from Failure
1 x Max Reps


TIMECAP: 16:00


Athletes who can perform more than 10 reps per set while leaving 2-3 in the tank should add weight.
Scale down to one of the following, listed from highest to lowest strength/proficiency:
-Chin-Up Negative, 4-5 Sets, work towards being able to do 5 consecutive reps of 10 seconds each (demo)
-Piked Assisted Pullup, 4-5 sets, work towards being able to do 5 reps with a 10 second negative on each one (demo)
-Chin Hang, 4-5 sets, work towards a 45 second hold (demo)


[intro] CONDITIONING[/intro]

Working while partner rests, or 1:1 if no partner:
Row 1000m, 750m, 500m, 250m


TIMECAP: 26:00


[intro] EXTRA WORK
EMOM 16, alternating:
a) 8-10 Supinated Grip Barbell Rows
b) 15-20 Hollow Rocks OR 0:30-0:45 Hollow Hold

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