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New Basic Training April 3rd

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[alert_blue] NEW TO CROSSFIT?[/alert_blue]

Once a month, Riverbend CrossFit hosts a beginners’ class called “Basic Training” where we work with athletes who are new or returning to the CrossFit world. Over six sessions and two weeks, you will learn the basic lifts and movements associated with CrossFit, find your way around the gym, meet the coaches, and make new friends!






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[intro] CLASS TIMES[/intro]

Monday April 3rd – 7pm

Wednesday April 5th – 7pm

Friday April 7th- 6pm

Monday April  10th- 7pm

Wednesday April 12th – 7pm

Friday April 14th – 6pm


[intro] COST[/intro]
We have two options for our Basic Training class.

  1. Two weeks of small group Basic Training classes (6 Sessions) for $79
  2. Two weeks of small group Basic Training classes plus one month of unlimited CrossFit Classes (Up to 30 sessions) for $199


[intro] WHO IT’S FOR[/intro]



Whether you’re new to working out, following-through on a New Year’s Resolution, are a seasoned veteran looking to make a comeback, or an elite athlete striving to take their training to the next level, Riverbend CrossFit’s Basic Training program and subsequent CrossFit classes stand to further your understanding of exercise physiology, and help you achieve your athletic performance or fitness goals.


Frequently Asked Questions.
WHY IS BASIC TRAINING NECESSARY? CAN’T I JUST START TAKING CLASSES? One of the reasons why CrossFit is unique from other training methodologies is because we employ functional movements – multi-joint movements that closely replicate those found in sports or life, and which strengthen and engage an entire kinetic chain instead of an individual muscle or muscle group. Because these movements can be complex, and are often unfamiliar to those new to the sport, they often require a fair amount of instruction before they can be employed safely and effectively. Our Basic Training not only affords this instruction, but also the opportunity for people to apply what they’ve learned.


WHAT IF I MISS A BASIC TRAINING CLASS? Chances are good that if you only miss one class, we’ll easily be able to schedule a shortened make-up session 15 minutes before or after a regularly scheduled class. If you have to miss more than one class, we will require you make up the class with a scheduled one on one, personal training session with a coach, for an additional $20.


If your schedule is such that you’re nervous about being able to make it to each session, we’d also encourage you to consider a 1-on-1 Basic Training Program. Like a series of personal training appointments, the 1-on-1 Basic Training enables athletes to work exclusively with a RBCF coach at times convenient for their schedule. Please CONTACT US for more information about private Basic Training.


WHAT IF I’M NOT READY TO GRADUATE? Riverbend CrossFit is committed to a non-intimidating training environment. We want all of our members feeling both comfortable within a Group Training environment and confident with their newfound skills before they make the transition to Group Training classes. If you still don’t feel as though you’re ready to transition to our Group Training Classes after completing your Basic Training, we’re here to help. Speak to your coach about your options for re-enrolling in another round of Basic Training, or pursuing one on one personal training options with a coach.


IS THE BASIC TRAINING PROGRAM MANDATORY? Riverbend CrossFit requires new members to have successfully completed one of the following pre-requisites prior to being able to participate in any regularly scheduled Riverbend CrossFit Classes:
[alert_standard] 1. RBCF Basic Training Program (group or one on one)
2. RBCF Basic Training Exemption Test[/alert_standard]


Existing RBCF members are exempt from this requirement, but are welcome to register for the program. Previous members returning from an extended absence may be required to complete the program depending on the length of their absence, and their level of exposure to the movements covered in the curriculum prior to their leave.


Please CONTACT US with any questions!


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